Sudem Underwear, established in 1996 with the principle of working with customer satisfaction and not compromising on quality, is one of the long established companies in the sector. Underwear With the knowledge, experience, and expertise that we have provided in the manufacturing sector for many years, we are continuing our production services including women underwear, men underwear and children underwear. We closely follow all the developments in the field of textile and provide professional services to the requests of our customers.

We work with major brands operating in our country and also produce a significant portion of underwear products in domestic and international markets.

Sudem İç Giyim

24 Years Experience

As Sudem Underwear, we are honored to serve you and provide your satisfaction with our knowledge and experience of more than 20 years in the sector as of 2020

Sudem İç Giyim Planning Management

Planning Management

With our professional team, we are loyal to our agreements by using our time to the maximum extent by making all our work, all the planning from start to finish.

Sudem İç Giyim Technology

Use of Technology

Technology is developing rapidly in all areas. We closely follow the sectoral technology and use it in our projects to ensure speed and quality

Sudem İç Giyim

Respect Green

As Sudem Underwear, we contribute to nature and green in all our projects with utmost care and protection as well as our practices.

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